Why do I call my kiln “the Dragon”?


I know, it makes it sound scary and dangerous. Honestly, they are scary and dangerous, IF not handled right (just like a dragon 🙂  )
Many times when I am doing something for myself, around the house, not for a specific job or someone else, I get distracted or I don’t put my whole focus on what I’m doing. You know how that is. You mindlessly go through the motions, thinking about everything, but what you’re doing. When you’re folding laundry or loading a dishwasher, that’s not so bad, but when you are handling something that contains heat up over 2,000 degrees … you don’t want to be “going through the motions”.

Another thing is, when you get used to working with tools, you can get careless. You’re just going to do one little thing, so you don’t put safety glasses on. You know the tool, you’ve used it for decades, you don’t have to be AS careful as you were when you started. This is when you get hurt or hurt something or someone else.

I never want to get like this about my kiln. So, maybe thinking of it as a fire breathing mythical monster that I have to keep tamed would help me give it its due respect. I have a respectful fear of it.

Today, I’m running it for the first time in years, maybe 5 – 6 years. It’s simply a test kiln, to prep new shelves and to be sure it is running properly. I am excited as I look to finishing some pots in the next couple weeks. Some pots have been lingering as greenware (dry raw clay) for up to 4 to 6 years. There have been some calamities and challenges over the past years, and I am hoping for a respite from them, so I can give much more attention to my pottery.


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