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Trees …  majestic, beautiful, humbling, God’s living sculptures.  They provide cool shade in the hot summer, color in the fall, interest to a landscape in the winter, hope and beauty in the spring.  They drink up gallons and gallons of water and return it to us in the form of oxygen.  They provide homes for birds and all manner of wildlife.  They come in all shapes and sizes and colors.

When I studied art, we talked about huge outdoor sculptures as “drawings in the sky”.  Trees are God’s drawings in the sky.  As I take my walks in our park, each time I notice a new tree and a new composition.  Whether it’s how the branches are shaped with the sky or leaves in the background or a whole tree and how it may appear nearly symmetrical or asymmetrical … something strikes me.  I love the leaves on the ground in the fall.

We have two beautiful trees in our yard.  They are nothing like the gigantic majestic Oaks that I grew up with in Hillsdale.  One is a yellow birch and one is a maple, growing quite close together.  Their branches sweep down to a little higher than my head, so when I stand under them it feels like I am standing under a gigantic umbrella.  In the summer, they provide me with much needed shade when I’ve been working in the yard and garden.  In the fall, the leaves turn gorgeous, bright yellow, so no matter how gloomy a day it is, they are like a huge sun patch in the gloom.  In the winter, they create a “drawing” of all different size lines on the sky, from big thick lines to thin delicate almost lace-like patterns.

So, lest you think that I’m just one of those tree huggers, you must know I have a great appreciation for finely crafted furniture, cabinets and other millwork made from wood.  Much of the wood we use, for furniture and paper is replenished by the same companies that take it from the forests.  Also, very old forests don’t produce as much oxygen as newer forests, so it behooves us to keep the cycle going taking out the old and planting and nurturing the new.

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