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Sympathy for the devil …. NOT!!!!!

Clive Staples Lewis’ Screwtape Letters is about correspondences from a demon to Lucifer discussing a specific patient, Screwtape fails and he ends up meeting an ultimate demise. We are not given any opportunity to feel sorry for him in any way, Screwtape is a demon, evil through and through. He’s learning to destroy people in the process, mainly Christians, and we get the benefit of learning some of the tactics that may be used.

Now we have this:

About the Book

book cover 1

Book: After You

Author: Sunshine Rodgers

Genre: Christian fiction, thriller, suspense (PG-13 Dark Fiction)

Release Date: April 27, 2018

Oh, that’s right, we talk about your love life. We sit with you in class. We know all about that thing you did last night. How do we know? We watch you. We go to those dance clubs with you. We scheme hideous outcomes for you. We know exactly what it is that will get you to our side. We create those wrong friendships you wished you never had. We invite you into those relationships that break your heart. We give you the life you never wanted, but it came at such a sweet price. We promised you the world and you took it like a kid wanting candy. All. Too. Easy. All I can say is, please, don’t let me get in the way of the worst ending of your life. I’m right behind you. I’ll open that door to frustration, nonsense and destruction.

***A Modern day twist on the classic Novel, “The Screwtape Letters” By C.S. Lewis***

My Thoughts

The premise was intriguing, I like Screwtape Letters, and I just recently read and reviewed another book that featured the spiritual dimension, reminding me that as Christians, we do not fight against flesh and blood. But with this story, the author actually makes you feel some sympathy for the main character a demon, who was narrating (cue up Sympathy for the Devil – Rolling Stones … yuck!!!)

To start, the author was very clear that she is not trying to portray an accurate, biblical characterization of demons, her disclaimer at the beginning is clear, it’s pure fantasy. But as a Christian, I believe the Bible usurps even fantasy and basic teachings of the Bible should be adhered to, even within the fantasy realm of Christian fiction. These teachings are: regarding the triunity of God, salvation and mediation through Jesus Christ ALONE, Satan and the demons are PURE evil, and other basic beliefs that are very clearly supported throughout the Bible.  The basic teaching that I believe is not adhered to in this book is that Satan and his demons are PURE evil, nothing other than PURE and unadulterated evil and have not one miniscule possibility of being anything but evil.

Of course, we’re always “playing with fire” (pardon the pun) when we portray hell or hades, as being where satan rules and reigns and demons scurry around doing his bidding. That’s fantasy and folklore and honestly, that’s not what I found offensive.  As Christians, we all know or SHOULD know that hell is where God shows His absolute wrath and judgement and ALL hatred for evil. It is created by God Himself. Conversely, Heaven is where God shows the greatness of His love, grace and goodness. Both portraying all the attributes of our Mighty God.

I said all this to lay the foundation for why I can’t recommend this book. (Anyone who knows me, knows how I agonize over having to give less than a 4 or 5 star review – because I know the author has taken time and creative abilities to do this work.)  As for story telling, I think it was OK, that’s why I gave two stars.

AND this is not a reflection on the author, she seems sincere in her faith, but all of us at various times in our spiritual growth can miss things, misunderstand things or accept things we’ve been taught, because we trust the people who taught us. Only to find out later that the teachers were misguided and therefore we were misguided. I shudder when I think of some things I believed years ago.

So, here’s what I have to say, trying to avoid spoilers:

I was horrified to find that I was feeling sorry for this little creature and disgusted to read that it was birthed in hades, by a demon that seemed to have some motherly kindness towards it.  WHAT??  No, not in the hell that God has created. There will be nothing good there, and no motherly kindness of any type. And if you read this, bear in mind that ANGELS who LIVE in God’s presence DO NOT understand salvation, they look on it as a mystery, yet rejoice when people turn their hearts and lives over to Jesus. If that’s the case for angel who are always in God’s presence, there is ABSOLUTELY no way a demon will understand or even DESIRE anything relating to love or salvation. This is beyond imagination, in the Christian realm and implying anything apart from demons being absolutely, unequivocally evil, with not one atom of goodness in them is messing with something that I wouldn’t touch with a thirty-nine and a half foot pole, EVEN in a fantasy.

I cannot recommend this book or give it more than two stars. I committed to giving an honest review … but I don’t have to be happy about it.

Disclaimer: I received this book as a gift, and will receive no compensation for providing a review.

About the Author

author picSunshine Rodgers has been writing professionally for over three years. She is the author of four faith-based book all unique ranging from fiction, nonfiction, and a children’s book. Graduating from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Communications, Sunshine took a more on-screen approach to storytelling by working as a technical director and part of the production crew to television, movies, and the entertainment industry for over ten years. She always had a heart for the written word, and once she decided to share her literary talent, her writing career just took off. She has signed with two different publishers, worked with editors and cover artists and has seen her books in retail stores and online bookstores. She now spends her days traveling, appearing in signings, festivals, and speaking engagements. Sunshine is married to her best friend, Travis, who is also the unofficial editor to her manuscripts.

Guest Post from Sunshine

Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for being a part of the Celebrate Lit’s Blog Tour of my book “After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby.” This book is a modern day twist on the classic novel “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis. My book is a PG-13 novel told from a demon’s point of view on the many temptations and distractions the Enemy of our soul uses to deviate us from God’s plan. The demon in the story is after a girl in high school, so if you can imagine all the playground of resources the demons can play with around an insecure teenager just trying to survive peer pressure, boys and school! I invite you in to explore another realm outside of this one, as this story takes place in Hades and on Earth!
Now, I write Faith-based books and all of them are surrounded by biblical truth and accuracy (as much as I can for Christian fiction!). My other works include: “God the Father, Jesus the Big Brother, Holy Spirit the Best Friend,” “This is My Heaven” and “Last Night, When I Prayed.” In all of my books – even this dark one – I write about God’s pursuit of us, His personal and deep love and His sovereignty that He remains in control no matter what is happening around us!
I pray “After You, A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby” will open your eyes to the spiritual activity taking place around you. I hope you will begin to observe that following God and doing things His way causes the devil to get scared! And anything you do that impacts the Kingdom of God will attract demonic activity. But at the end of the day, God has the final word and we are saved and delivered under His amazing grace!
I would love to hear from you! Connect with me on social media! And I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on my book! Much love! – Sunshine


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