Start the Love for Books Early – Great Gift Idea

I grew into enjoying books. In my family, books were always a big part of our lives. I received books as gifts as a little child, usually they were little Golden Books, with nice messages about learning to overcome fear or that it’s not so bad to be left behind. Then there was Dr. Seuss, I always liked his books. We had library time at school, when we’d walk to the town library to pick out books. And of course, there was the town library, that was about the size of a small house when I was growing up, but is a massive community center now.

Reading is incredibly important as it improves your vocabulary and your mental fitness. Fiction expands your imagination and creativity and if the author uses it for good, will help teach good, and positive things. Non-fiction is great for learning and exploring theology, art, science, philosophy, history and much more.

It helps a lot to learn to love books and reading at an early age. Amazon has a special program for children from babies to 12 years old, called Prime Book Box. You set up a subscription for a child in a specific age category and they provide either 4 board books for babies to 2 years of age, or 2 hard cover books for age 3 to 12 (divided into 3 age groups:  3-5, 6-8, 9-12). You can swap out the titles that are offered. And you can choose to have the subscription every month, (1 month), every other month (2 month) or every quarter (3 month). You save 40% off the list price.

So, if you have children or grandchildren who you are having trouble finding gifts for, this looks like a great option.

And won’t it be exciting for a little one to receive their very own Amazon box 🙂

Click here to sign up.

(Disclaimer: The above link is an affiliate link. Whatever I receive will help keep me in books and art supplies.)

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