Read … Reading … Read

I have a bug. Fortunately, it’s a symbiotic relationship. I feed it words, it helps me learn and grow spiritually and mentally and be entertained. Way down below is the story of how I caught it, but here I want to introduce my favorite author(s) and books I have read (it’s a growing list so come back often or subscribe to my blog). Now …. here’s
Chautona Havig

Celebrate Lit

Christy Barritt


Others coming up …
Vikki Kestell
Jenny B. Jones
Heather Day Gilbert

and others.


I caught the reading bug back in my freshman year in high school.  I can tell you EXACTLY when the bug embedded into my brain.  Maybe it was stuck in our living room rug, dropped by my Mom or my older brother, but that thing latched on to me Christmas morning 1974, as I was laying on the floor reading Gone With The Wind.  My sister gave it to me the year before.  I tried to read it, but as was typical for me at that time, I just couldn’t get into it.  At some point my older brother had informed me, you have to try to get past the first few chapters, because sometimes first chapters are a little slow.  I got past those first chapters and that little bug did it’s work in my brain.

Forget about Hooked on Phonics, I was incurably hooked on reading.  I read that fat little book in a month, read it during breakfast and lunch, during home room, study hall and walking down the halls between classes, after homework and on weekends.  Not only was I hooked on that specific book, but read others and just kept reading.  I haven’t stopped.  There is something beautiful about the gift that God has given people to create families, towns, communities and worlds with just words on paper.  Much like a magician that tricks your eyes and blows your mind, a writer does the same for us with words. It’s an awesome gift!!

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