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Not A Word by Chautona Havig

51BYR+gMajLLOVED IT!!!!   It is the “origin story” of one of my favorite people, as he wanders through Chautona’s imagination.  I read Not A Word in 2014.  I knew I liked it, but couldn’t remember the whole story, so figured I’d skim it again: Read the first few chapters, the middle and the last and get the gist of it, so I could review it.  I started reading and couldn’t put it down … again!!!! I realized I had forgotten so much of it, but there was a bunch I remembered and enjoyed all over again.  And the surrounding story is profound.  If you read it, be sure to read the note from Chautona at the end.

Not A Word is about the effects of sin, how it hardens the conscience, causes pain to others and puts walls up between friends and family. It’s about lies and “churchy” people who don’t know the first thing about forgiveness or Christian love. But it’s also about beauty from ashes, forgiveness, restoration and growing in relationship with the Lord and with others.  It’s jam packed with A LOT of spiritual lessons.

Regarding the technical aspects of the story: the pacing of the story is great, it moves along at a good pace, then the pivotal moment “punches” you square in the stomach.  The pace and the tension builds and then you get to enjoy the journey back to resolution.  In so many books, you agonize through the horrible situations, but then the resolution happens in the last pages and you feel happy, but kind of cheated. I like the happier parts to last almost as long as the difficult part and this story does provide that.

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