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Food For Thought by Janet Lynn Mitchell


About the Book


Title: Food for Thought

Author: Janet Lynn Mitchell

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help

Release Date: December 1, 2017

Food for Thought is filled with personalized verses just for you. It’s been written to help you claim God’s Word as your own. The thoughts included within the verses are from fellow dieters. Food for Thought is not meant to be a substitute for actual Scripture, but an addition, bringing you new insight, perspective, hope and encouragement as you move toward and reach your weight-loss goal. Blank pages have been placed in the back so that you can add additional Scripture and/or words of encouragement. Recite these verses and include them when you pray. Then watch as God’s Word rejuvenates and empowers you. Experience your faith increasing, as faith comes by hearing, reading, speaking, and living the Word of God.

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My Thoughts

I’ve been battling with my weight and eating habits for a very long time.  I succeeded for a little while, but fell off the wagon due to a life crisis.  I have known that not being disciplined and moderate about food is a sin, it’s roots go much deeper than the fact that I like to eat.  So, when I saw I had the opportunity to review a book about food and about using it properly, I jumped at the chance.  Here it is … the good and the not so good.

First, I appreciate what Janet Lynn Mitchell is doing.  She is providing scripture to help us, that in everything we do, whether we eat or drink we do it to the glory of God.  Gluttony and binge eating does not glorify God.  For someone who wants to follow the Lord in ALL areas of their life, this is a great tool.  It’s not a book of teaching, but it is a collection of Bible verses, into which the author interjects thoughts relating to eating, trusting God, finding our joy and peace in Him and more.

Now, the not so good.  I found the format super confusing and a bit frustrating.  I think it would have been better to provide the verse and then the relative comments after the verse.  I especially found it confusing when the verse was already in the paraphrased, ultra-modern words, such as The Message.  She put her comments in parenthesis, but still, they broke the flow.  And yes, I could have looked up the verses in my own Bible, but the point of this is to have them handy and easy to read.  Switching from one translation to another was very confusing.  Numerous verses were taken out of context. One of the difficulties in doing a topical study is that context can be lost.  For example, in Acts 27:34 Paul is urging the men during the ship wreck to eat and he prophesied that nothing would happen to them.  To take this verse and present this to people who likely have little discernment or are immature Christians, could cause some serious problems.  When they read “You need it to stay alive.  (If you eat) you will not lose even one hair off your head.”  So, what happens when a person “claims” this for themselves and then gets cancer or some horrible disease, then they think God betrayed them, because they claimed this verse.

The use of paraphrased Bibles is a problem, because some of the verses are just poor paraphrases.  Such as Proverbs 23:2-3 from The Message takes the edge off the verse, making it “nicey-nice”, where the actual translation in English Standard Version says “Put a knife to your throat if you are given to appetite.” Making it very clear that being gluttonous is clearly a serious problem in God’s eyes.  Much like when Jesus said “if your hand offends you, cut it off.”

I recommend this book to people who know the Bible and can sift out the out of context verses.  It may be good for a small group, with a Spiritually mature leader who has very good discernment to emphasize the verses that are accurate and appropriate.  In spite of my negatives, I really do like the concept of what Janet is trying to do and for that I give it 3 stars.

About the Author


Candid, dynamic, friendly…and memorable are some of the words used to describe Janet Mitchell. Her fun, engaging style keeps her audiences wanting more. As a master storyteller, she shares her heart, passions and faith, relating incidents from her life that will touch you and make you laugh. Janet addresses relevant life issues and how it just takes one to make a difference in your world!

Janet has held staff positions with Youth for Christ and Forest Home Christian Conference Center and has served as the director of a Christian preschool. Janet is a CLASS Speaker (Christian Leaders, Authors, and Speakers) and is a popular speaker for women’s events, MOPS, family camps and single-parent groups.
As a senior in high school, Janet lost the use of her legs following surgery. On the night of her tenth surgery, she met Marty, who became her cheerleader and was alongside her as she learned to walk again. Eventually, he became her husband. Janet and Marty have been married for over thirty-five years and have three children. Janet’s knee problems reoccurred when she was thirty-two. She was horrified to learn she had been a victim of medical negligence, fraud and concealment. Her additional surgeries had been attempts to correct the mistakes. Janet has since become a voice for others who have suffered medical fraud. Assembly Bill 2571, borne out of her misfortunes, unanimously passed both the California Assembly and the Senate and was signed into state law on August 31, 2000. Her story, Taking a Stand, has motivated others to “take a stand” and remain firm in their faith through the good, bad, and the outrageous.
Janet has been featured on radio programs across the nation, including popular programs such as Focus on the Family and Billy Graham’s Decision Today. Janet has appeared on television programs such as, Fox, CBS and ABC News, Aspiring Women, The Harvest Show, and Chuck and Jenny. Her stories and articles have appeared in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Multnomah’s Stories for the Extreme Teen, and in magazines such as Woman’s World, Light and Life, and Celebrate Life. Her Testimony, “When Doctors Make Mistakes,” was published in the July/August 2005 issue of Today’s Christian Woman magazine.
Janet’s book, A Special Kind of Love, published by Broadman and Holman and Focus on the Family, has been highlighted by Rick Warren in his “Ministry Toolbox.” Her Hands on Faith: Family Nights and Hands on Faith: Family Fun books by Carson- Dellosa are now available along with Janet’s five new Praying Scripture Flip Books. Janet’s Taking a Stand was released in November of 2006. It is truly a testimony of God’s faithfulness through the good, bad and outrageous. This past year Janet’s latest book, Words Matter became available. One thing Janet has learned is:
It just takes one to change the world we live in.

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