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Crocheting … loops and chains …

That’s really all it is, loops over loops over loops.  I know, many people are bewildered by the odd words, images and details and to some, it looks like magic.  But it’s really just making chains.  It’s history, much like macrame is from men making fishing nets a long, long time ago.

My history with it goes back to the summer between grammar school and high school, which found me keeping occupied with my various interests (even back then), and crocheting was my newest one.  I used a money gift from my grandparents and bought some yarn, a hook and a crochet magazine and sat down to teach myself how to crochet.  Instructions were small photos or drawings, sometimes difficult to figure out. This was before YouTube, waaaay before!!!  At that time in the early 70’s, computers for basic data management were filling up rooms, two decades before PCs gained their popularity.  I don’t think my sister or my mother knew much about how to crochet, so I had to bumble through myself.  Which for me, is the best way to learn.

I’m not sure where my first shawl ended up, if it’s still at my mother’s house or if it’s with all the water damaged stuff in a dump some place after our house fire.  But I do remember, it turned out nice, but didn’t look like the picture, because I was still learning what all those odd abbreviations meant.  It was “acceptable” as a first attempt and I was pretty happy with it.  My next one went even better.  My mother has the lap rug I made for my grandmother and an afghan that I made for her.  I lost all my own blankets and afghans, but not to be deterred, I’m continuing on.

Bohemian Vest-shawl

The Bohemian Vest-shawl pictured above was started before our fire and was quite safe out of the way of water damage in our heavily damaged living room.  I grabbed my crochet bag, with the start of this and all the yarn, during our first salvage effort.  To get rid of the smell of smoke and kill any potential mold spores, I spread all of this and my balls of yarn out on my mother’s swing, leaving it in sun, rain, day and night until most of the smell faded.  Even when I was finishing it, there was still a faint smoky odor.  I was happy to be done with it and throw it in a sink of water to give it a good cleaning.  Other than the challenge of making it, (all made “in the round”, starting at the center) the most enjoyable part of it was the colors.  I found the most beautiful, multi-colored yarns that I had ever seen and loved every second of watching each color come and go, as I worked.  After that, I had extra yarn left, so I made a quick crochet scarf, for when I wanted some pretty colors, but not the big shawl.


My other BIG project, on hold due to making a pair of “housework” slippers from flip flops, is a Cathedral Rose Window Afghan.  I had my eyes on that lovely piece for years.  It’s a gorgeous afghan and I am creating it in the blue and purple tones (of course, purple!!!).startOfRoseWindowAfghan

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