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Color Street – for those of us with busy hands or WOW it’s not a book review!!

A lot of what I post are book reviews, but I am hoping to change that soon.

I’m writing today about something that I’ve struggled with for decades. First, I’m not really a “girlie girl”, discussion of fingernails, hair and make up aren’t really on my list of things to talk about. So, this is even a bit out of my comfort zone. As for manicures, I have done them decades ago and I’ve done my own nails, but it just doesn’t last or stay nice on me. Before quick dry nail polish, I could not keep my hands still long enough for it to dry well. I’d be doing needle work or crocheting and getting yarn or fabric patterns pressed into the polish. I’d do acrylic painting and the paints would meld with the acrylic nail polish. Even now, I do gardening and digging my hands in the dirt (the only way to really garden) peels or chips off the polish, pottery messes it up. It’s nearly hopeless.

Until my niece, Heather Engelsman introduced me to Color Street. These are handy, (“hand”-y …. get it??  🙂 ) little peel and stick nail covers. She sent me a sample pack of three and I “installed” them. I wanted to see how they would hold up against my pottery, so I took pictures to show. Then I thought, to be fair, I’d put on quick dry nail polish (not mentioning brand, cuz I don’t want to get in trouble 🙂 ). I put the nail polish on the same nails that I had the nail covers on, so they would get the exact same treatment. Here’s the results of the test:

Here we are, first with the regular quick dry nail polish. I put two thick coats of it on one day ,then worked on my pottery the next to give the same amount of time as I gave the Color Street to “settle in”.

You can see the nail polish did not hold up. It was peeled and scraped and chipped away from the tips of the nails. As I told my niece, it looks like a reverse French manicure.

Now for the Color Street – 

The only thing I noticed was that there was a scratch on the thumbnail at the tip and a bit of wear at the edge of the nail on the middle finger. Otherwise, excellent results. I’m wondering if putting a top coat on the thumbnail would have “smoothed” out the scratch. But honestly, these are so easy to put on it’s not even worth fiddling with clear coat.

Here’s some cool facts about Color Streets:

First, if you spend a lot of manicures, they can help you save money:

Second, if you are concerned about or sensitive to various gobblety goop in your cosmetics, a lot of the big toxic stuff is not in them.

Here’s a great little video about how to put them on. (Easy as pie!!!)

So, if I got you interested, go find my niece Heather on her Color Street page and tell her I said “Hi!”

Oh and don’t be fooled … my niece may be into nails, jewelry and hair coloring … but she’s also an accomplished bow and arrow huntress and fisher woman (even ice fishing, if I remember correctly) and has no compunction about four wheeling with her husband – a multi-faceted woman, for sure.




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