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Christy Barritt

I found Christy Barritt’s novels when I first got my tablet and downloaded the Kindle app.  I was looking for Christian based novels.  I’m not into foul language, hear it enough in real life, that I don’t need to have it unnecessarily contaminating what I read.  I also like representations of romance and love between men and women to be respectful and kind, not crude and strictly physical.  So, I knew searching for Christian fiction would be safe and so I collected a couple Amazon “freebies” and thoroughly enjoyed them.  Consequentially, I got the remaining books of her Squeaky Clean series for Christmas.

Christy’s writing is a bit formulaic, BUT she writes so well and pulls you into the stories and mysteries, with such skill, you don’t notice OR like me, don’t care.  Most of the ones I have read are mysteries, some are frightening, so if you are the sensitive type, don’t read before bed 🙂

The first ones you are likely to try are the Squeaky Clean series (because you get the first as a freebie).  Gabby St. Claire is a fun character, she loves music and has her own background music in her head all the time.  She’s a crime scene cleaner, but can’t stick with just cleaning, she wants to get involved in solving the mystery.  She has quirky friends and acquaintances.  The series is a lot of fun.

Christy also deals with frightening situations, like abductions and human trafficking.  Fortunately, as an author she provides hope and peace for her characters to rest in, despite the situations they find themselves in.

Click here, for Christy Barritt’s Amazon page and pick a few to read.

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