Annals of Wynnewood Trilogy

“The Journey of a Lifetime begins in Wynnewood.”

Shadows & Secrets (Annals of Wynnewood – Book 1)
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Shadows and Secrets  (Book 1)

No one knows what the cloaked creature is or why it is so terrifying. The villagers of Wynnewood only know that they must stay away from ‘the creature’ for fear of their physical and spiritual safety. An unfortunate encounter with a dragon introduces Philip Ward to it, and to his surprise, he finds a friend, confidante, and companion in more adventure than he’d ever dreamed possible. Follow the two … in numerous adventures as their friendship grows and their relationship with the great I Am increases.

Cloaked In Secrets  (Book 2)

Searching for the elusive unicorns of Wynnewood’s forests sends Philip and “the creature” on an adventure that threatens more than the freedom of the beautiful animals.   Will their quest to satisfy Lord Morgan’s desire to own a unicorn cost “the creature” everything – even its life?

Beneath The Cloak (Book 3)

After three years of friendship, adventures, dangers, and triumphs, “the creature” still wrestles with the ultimate question. “Is I AM the God of my heart?”.

While Philip struggles with the direction of his own life, his friend’s secret threatens to divide more than friends. Who is this? What is this? And can Philip truly accept the answer when he discovers who is beneath the cloak?   The adventure continues beyond anything either of them could have imagined.
With Philip studying at Oxford, who will help “the creature” who struggles with trusting I AM, and who will come to the rescue after being whisked away to the caves of the Sceadu in the middle of the night?  Lord Morgan is torn as the news arrives that both of his young friends are in trouble.  Can the Earl of Wynnewood come to the rescue in time?

My Review

By the time I read this book and trilogy, I had already read quite a few of Chautona’s books. I knew she intermixed and entwined wonderful spiritual, Christian principals in with her stories.

I knew there was a mysterious creature and mythical creatures, including dragons, but I could not imagine how she was going to present a story with these along with the truths from the Bible … but she did it, and did it beautifully.

The trilogy was such a joy to read, at times heart wrenching, at times victorious, a sweet story without being too “ooey gooey” and I really appreciate that.  This trilogy is in my top favorites from the Fantasy genre … like up there with Tolkien and Lewis!!

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